You won’t believe the 19 benefits these 5 companies are offering to their employees!

Besides the salary, the perks and benefits that come with the job is also an important factor to consider when choosing your dream job. More often than not, we have heard friends complaining to us about their company and their job because of the work environment. 

Let’s look into some of the companies that actually treat their employees like the champions they are! The companies are Shopee, Lazada, StoreHub, WOBB and Etika. 

1. Shopee

With just a 15-man team in 2015, Shopee has now become one of the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, catering to 16 million users in Malaysia alone. 


Shopee practices the Mentorship Program where senior employees will be paired with newcomers so that they can share their experiences and work culture. 

What’s more, Shopee also has the Global Leaders Program (GLP), a management trainee program where you get to rotate in different departments to learn different kinds of people and immerse yourself in various roles and experiences!

If you’re driven, innovative and passionate, check out Shopee’s career opportunities here!

2. Lazada

As Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination, Lazada is pioneering e-commerce across some of the fastest growing countries in the world!


Besides a relaxed dress code and comprehensive medical insurance, everyday is different here at Lazada. You’ll be able to hone your creativity, invent and innovate, and set your own high standards within a nurturing, equal opportunity environment.

Sounds like the perfect place to start your dream career? Check them out here!

3. StoreHub

Today, StoreHub has successfully established themselves as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Southeast Asia! Their revolutionary business platforms for SMEs has helped business owners to manage and grow their businesses in today’s fast changing world.


As if that wasn’t enticing enough, did we mention they have free Friday lunches as well?! 

If competency and humility is something you resonate with, then have a look at StoreHub’s career opportunities here!


WOBB is a Malaysian job search platform that utilizes mobile technology, rich media employer branding content, and interactivity to the job searching experience for Gen Y talent. 


To top it all off, we are all a family here! We work closely with each other, regardless of our backgrounds or specializations. With a casual dress code and good music, you can bet that it doesn’t get any better than this! 

Interested to be part of the family? Check out our career opportunities here!

5. Etika Group of Companies 

With 46 years of heritage, 18 cherished brands and more than 1,600 employees spanning over 3 countries, Etika Group of Companies continues to make in-roads with its strong brand equity and multi-talented workforce.


Monthly sports & recreation activities? Check. Makan-makan? Definitely! With 5 Town Halls in a year, you will be fed with not just updates but food! Not just that, you won’t go thirsty again with the free drinks they provide for their staff. 

Want to know more about Etika’s career opportunities? Find out more here!


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