Top 3 Company Traits Employees Look For in 2022

We wrapped our 2022 Work Culture Report and have firsthand insights into what makes Malaysian employees tick.

From notoriety, salary, and working environment to opportunities – we asked employees in Malaysia what they look for when looking for a company to work with.

#1 Career Growth

Companies looking for employees to settle with them long-term can rejoice. At the top of the totem pole (even higher than salary) is Career Growth. When deciding on a workplace, job seekers show the most concern about their potential for growth in the company.

In fact, out of 71% of employees that plan to resign, 59% say it’s due to a lack of career opportunities. When asked, 69% of the same group claimed they would stay at their current jobs if given better career and promotion opportunities.

So here’s how you retain employees while attracting ambitious new ones:

  • Prepare clear promotion plans to help employees envision their progress in your company.
  • Opt to promote internal employees to higher positions or train them for the role.
  • Offer learning opportunities like certifications or courses that advance them within the company.

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#2 Social Connection

The office environment isn’t dying anytime soon. Instead, it’s welcoming a new twist! Even when given the choice to work from home, over half of employees prefer a hybrid working arrangement!

It’s true for 53% of hybrid employees, 56% of office employees and 67% of remote employees that responded to our survey.

Take it from hybrid employees themselves. When asked what they liked the most about their working arrangement, they cited easier access to work resources, work-life balance and of course – better collaboration.

Ultimately, a hybrid arrangement lets employees enjoy convenience while establishing meaningful relationships with their peers. Until the Metaverse shows some promise, nothing really beats honest, face-to-face communication.

How to strengthen team relationships:

  • Actively involve all members in team discussions.
  • Organise regular team-building activities to create a sense of unity.
  • Encourage your management team and employees to show each other appreciation and recognition.

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#3 Wealth

Due to Malaysia’s rising living costs, many workers are forced to prioritise jobs that let them earn more.

Out of the 71% of employees that plan to resign, almost half attributed it to a lack of pay raise. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that the number one reason that will keep employees at their current job is a salary increase or bonus.

We’re sure you’re no stranger to rising costs and inflation, either. But if you’re in the position to retain and attract more employees, consider reviewing and revising employees’ salaries regularly to stay competitive with living costs.

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