Hiredly – The Leading Junior to Mid-Management Recruitment Specialist

Professional Job Portal WOBB Rebrands with Headhunting Services as Hiredly

WOBB, the leading job platform for professional junior to mid-level talent rebrands to Hiredly. Since its launch in 2016, the company has been rapidly growing with over 600,000 job seekers and 16,000 employers signed up.

The new Hiredly uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to integrate its job portal and headhunting services, effectively becoming a unique hybrid recruitment platform.

Maturing as a Startup

“WOBB is actually short for ‘Working On Bean Bags’. As a small start-up, we thought it was a cute but funny name that reflected our goal of helping Gen Y discover jobs with great culture.” said Derek Toh, the CEO and founder of Hiredly.

“Did you know that Gen Y is already 39 years old this year? However many people, when they hear ‘Gen Y’, automatically assume this is for junior talent. This is reinforced by the word ‘bean bags’ used in our name WOBB.” said Toh.

As their job seekers matured and grew, the platform also adapted and started providing jobs that matched their careers’ progression. Therefore, the platform needed a new image that reflected its growth and maturity.

A New Hybrid Recruitment Platform

Effective 1st July 2021, the company will have two core services:

  1. Hiredly.com: A Job Portal for Professional Junior to Mid-Level Talent
  2. Hiredly X: An AI-powered Headhunting Service

Hiredly.com and Hiredly X are integrated using AI to create a hybrid recruitment solution. This integration promises an amazing experience and unparalleled ease of use, for both job seekers and employers.

 A New Visual Identity

The new Hiredly logo was designed to reflect the brand’s maturity and simplicity.

The previous colour palette of bright colours with a red foundation has also been changed to match the new brand identity.

A new royal purple base paired with an elegant gradient to blue represents the spectrum of professional junior to mid-level talent which they serve.

A New Experience

In lieu of their new identity, Hiredly has launched features to further improve the platform’s experience.

  • A Brand New Website
    The new Hiredly.com website makes company information more accessible, with a cleaner interface and easier navigation.
  • Recruitment Automation
    Employers that subscribe to Hiredly.com will get access to the platform’s built-in tools that help save time on attracting and pre-screening talent. This includes media-rich Company Profiles, a chatbot interviewer and Video Cover Letters.
  • Junior to Mid-Level Talent Can Now Get Headhunted
    Headhunting has typically been relevant to mostly senior talent. Through Hiredly X, junior to mid-level talent can now access headhunting services easily, by simply dropping their CV on the platform.

The Leading Junior to Mid-Management Recruitment Specialist

Through constant innovation, Hiredly continues to create the future of recruitment and solidifying its position as the leading junior to mid-level recruitment specialist. With its new brand and upgraded platform, Hiredly hopes to continue to be the easiest place for professional job seekers and employers to connect with each other.

To understand more about Hiredly’s new brand and recruitment solutions, we invite you to reach out to Eleanor Eyu (Brands and Communication) at eleanor@hiredly.com to open a more in-depth conversation. Additional information and photos available in our press kit.