Hello Mentor EP5 | Giden & Penny, The Founders of BloomThis on Starting An E-commerce Business with Your Spouse

“Our home was our office and production place. We kept the fresh flowers we bought in our own fridge. It was just the two of us handling everything from operations, website building, to customer service and delivery for at least eight months!” 

About the episode

In this podcast episode, Giden and Penny open up about what it was like building BloomThis together as a couple. They also give us a peek into their conflict resolution as both a couple and business partners!

Leveraging on technology and innovation, BloomThis is an E-commerce business disrupting the fragmented flower industry with handcrafted designer flowers on-demand and subscription.

This episode’s perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a consumer business that deals with fast and perishable products.

Getting to know Giden & Penny

In 2015, Giden and Penny founded BloomThis to improve the flower delivery business.

Giden Lim, CEO of BloomThis, brings his prior experience in the brick and mortar floristry business to change the way people create beautiful moments with flowers.

On the other hand, Penny Choo, Creative Director at BloomThis, contributes her passion and resourcefulness to create the most unforgettable gifting experience.

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