Hello Mentor EP17 | Ahmad Hakym of KL Sketchnation On How Art & Architecture Bring People Together

“Most of us have an artsy side that we haven’t discovered yet. When I was younger, I was really shy about showing my father my drawings. It’s because my father is an architect and he was also a cartoonist in the 80s.”

About the episode

In this podcast episode, Hakym shares the motivation behind his architecture practice, how his upbringing influenced his love for art and building a well-loved community.

Having launched KL Sketchnation, Hakym talks about the importance of community-building and shares tips for people interested in organizing their own collective. Hakym also lets in on what it takes for aspiring architects to succeed.

Getting to know Kymio

Photo by KL Sketchnation

Ahmad Hakym (@kymioflario on Instagram) or better known as Kymio in the art industry, is an architect by profession. He is currently pursuing his doctoral study in Architecture, researching the relationship between cognitive psychology and the art of sketching.

He is the founder and director of KL Sketchnation, a non-profit NGO established in 2014 that hosts urban sketching events. KL Sketchnation was launched to promote sketching as a means of communication and observation of the environment around us.

Hakym’s works revolve around urban sketches done on his many travels as intimate snapshots of time and places. 

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