Do Employers Stalk Your Social Media Before Hiring You?

The internet has made it so much easier for people to learn out about each other and social media doesn’t just stop at your close social circles.

Do you know that many Malaysian employers have taken to social media checks to screen candidates?

“Many companies now conduct social media checks when hiring… this can be useful if they yield legitimate reasons not to hire the candidate, for instance if the candidate has been dishonest about his employment history or qualifications or if he’s involved in illegal activities. On the other hand, they can also reveal positive things about a prospective employee, such as personal and professional accomplishments.”

Donovan Cheah, Donovan & Ho for Focus Week

Whether or not employers should be screening candidates based on their social media presence is up for debate. But until then, it’s safer to assume they probably are scrolling through your Twitter rants (it’s alright, we all do it!).

In this video we cover social media posts that might cost you your job offer:

If employers are going to screen your social media, the least you can do is take it as an opportunity to be memorable! Get your personal branding into shape with these articles: