7 Last Minute Office Christmas Activities

Ahh.. It’s almost the time of the year where snowmen are brought to life by little children; families are gathered around the fire, singing carols and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and- Eh. We’re in Malaysia lah. Where got all this ang mo festivity traditions here? 

Nevertheless, Christmas is a wonderful time filled with laughter, joy and love. Speaking of love, there are numerous activities that you could do at your workplace to show your employees and colleagues that you appreciate them and end the year with a bang!

1. Secret Santa


I mean, you probably saw this coming but what is a Christmas party or event without Secret Santa? It’s essentially a gift exchange where everyone has to gift a colleague anonymously and at the end of the exchange they would guess who their secret Santa is. Your company could set a budget for the gifts or you could just go crazy with it! But come on, Secret Santa is a little boring if you’d ask me – which leads me to my next point.

2. White Elephant


White Elephant is Secret Santa with a twist. The concept is the same except you gift your colleague with a completely random, utterly useless and hard-to-dispose-of gift. Imagine the commotion and laughter that would fill your office 😂! If your company is a little too big to have an office gift exchange, you could always scale it down to a departmental gift exchange!

3. Stocking Surprise


Everyone hangs a stocking at their table or cubicle and colleagues would get to put small gifts or little notes into their stocking (or you could prank them as well, we’re not ruling that out 🤭) . What better way to make your colleagues happy with a surprise that shows them they’re appreciated and loved?

4. Office Decoration


Instead of letting the HR department decorate the whole office, why not let everyone in on the decorating spirit? It could even be turned into an inter-department decorating competition! This would help everyone to take a short break off work to bond with their teammates and recharge their minds.

5. FREE Hot Chocolate!


Or Milo will suffice ’cause hot chocolate is expensive. I’m just kidding. Whatever it is, Milo or hot chocolate with marshmallows for your employees is sure to keep them happy and energized throughout the day. It’s also a simple way to show that you care about them (and their tummies). 

6. Christmas Playlist


If your company allows music in the office, you could create a Christmas playlist on a music streaming platform and get all your employees to add their favourite Christmas songs to it! Did you know that music helps to boost productivity in the office too? So, if you’re looking to maintain productivity during the holiday season, maybe this would help.

7. Volunteer or Donate to a Cause


At the heart of it all, Christmas is about giving more than receiving. So why not have a collection to donate to a cause or even have a company trip to an orphanage or old folks home to spread the love? 

There are so many things you could do for and with your employees this holiday season. Even if you don’t have the time to throw an extravagant Christmas party, take a moment to appreciate and acknowledge them for all they’ve done this year.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (Yes, it’s a little early but I’m giving you a head start to plan your Christmas 😉)

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