7 In-Demand Cryptocurrency Jobs to Take Your Career to the Moon

Get in on the booming blockchain scene by preparing for these sought after jobs in the cryptocurrency industry. (Good news: You don’t have to be a developer!)

1. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developers are the backbone of the cryptocurrency industry. According to The Global Blockchain Employment Report, the demand for Blockchain Developers increased by 33x, making it the most emerging job in 2020!

Blockchain Developers build applications based on blockchain architecture and protocol. Similar to App Developers, they build decentralized applications, better known as Dapps.

Skills you’ll need:

New to Web Development but don’t have the experience or credentials? Check out this article on how you can start a career in Web Development whether or not you have a relevant degree.

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2. Cryptocurrency Analyst

Cryptocurrency Analysts play an important role in cryptocurrency. This is because most of what cryptocurrency businesses deal with relies on data.

As a Cryptocurrency Analyst, you will be responsible for compiling and managing data, as well as analysing trends and prices of different cryptocurrencies.

Similar to Data Analysts, Cryptocurrency Analysts use the information they gather to take actionable steps for the benefit of the organization or client. In this case – trading profitably!

Skills you’ll need:

  • Proficiency in business intelligence and data visualization tools. (Learn Data Visualization with Python on Codecademy).
  • Prior experience in business and finance
  • Expert knowledge in the trading strategy. (Udemy has an affordable Masterclass on Cryptocurrency Trading here)
  • Excellent communication skills so you can convey your findings

If you’re an aspiring Analyst, kick things off by learning about Data Science. Here’s an article on how to start a career in Data Science from scratch.

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3. Crypto Marketers

The cryptocurrency space relies heavily on social media like Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Discord. So it’s natural for crypto marketers to execute digital marketing strategies with these target platforms in mind.

Get a glimpse of crypto marketing from a crypto marketer himself by checking out Unstoppable Domain’s podcast episode with Ty Smith, managing partner at Coinbound on what makes a successful crypto marketing.

Learn the basics of Digital Marketing so you can start applying to your future career in cryptocurrency. Here are 10 must-have skills you need to pick up.

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4. Content and Technical Writers

asian cryptocurrency content writer typing

You don’t have to know how to code to get into cryptocurrency. In fact, writers actually play a big role in increasing visibility and engagement for projects.

Content writers are in charge of preparing written content for websites, social media, press releases, and more.

Technical writers, on the other hand, prepare informational and technical written content for developers and investors.

An understanding of SEO isn’t necessary but is always helpful. However, an understanding on industry-specific language is non-negotiable!

Skills you’ll need:

  • Understanding of blockchain technology
  • Able to make financial analysis
  • Knowledge on cryptography, smart contracts, as well as legal regulations and compliance work
  • The ability to write persuasively in way that is easy to understand

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5. NFT Developers

As NFTs make waves in Malaysia, it’s encouraging to know job prospects look great for NFT Developers.

NFT Developers are professionals who are skilled in non-fungible tokens (NFT) and how NFTs can be used to develop different projects.

What you’ll need to be an NFT Developer:

  • An understanding of the 3 top blockchains used for NFTs: Ethereum (ETH), Flow (FLOW), and Solana (SOL).
  • A solid foundation in Cryptography
  • Web Development skills
  • Knowledge on Smart Contracts

But before you start acquiring these skills, dive into the local NFT scene by checking out Pentas.io, a local NFT marketplace that prides on inclusivity and empowering creators!

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6. Crypto Community Managers

cryptocurrency community managers brainstorming projects

The cryptocurrency circle is known for its strong grassroots movements, so a sense of community is a huge part of the industry.

Unlike a marketer that oversees the digital marketing sides of things, a crypto community manager oversees the company’s communication and brand.

Their main responsibility is to engage with communities by maintaining communication and presence via social media, forums and blogs.

For many, they are the point of contact for token holders, potential buyers and crypto enthusiasts. To be a star community manager, you will need to:

  • Manage your community members via social media channels like Discord, Telegram, Twitter or Reddit
  • Share project updates
  • Educate your community and raise public awareness
  • Gather feedback from your audience
  • Establish a relationship with press and crypto influencers
  • Create content on crypto

To learn how to become a great community manager, check out this How-to by HubSpot.

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7. Business Development Managers

Business development managers or representatives play a key role in creating new business opportunities for cryptocurrency companies.

Similar to other fields, to work in this position you will need sales experience and excellent communication skills. This is of course, on top of thorough knowledge of blockchain technology!

If you have a background in sales, business or communication, you’ll be a great candidate for the role.

Get a head start with Forbes’ Top 10 Sales Pitch Tips for Crypto and Blockchain Businesses.

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